We are a boutique financial planning firm offering you personalised and specialised financial advice and services. We provide a range of financial services to help you establish a secure and healthy financial future both during your working career and into retirement. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge, the skills and expertise to help you shape and control your own financial future. We will tailor our financial advice and plans to meet your specific needs and adapt them as your career and life progresses and changes.

We provide strategic financial planning advice in:

Wealth creation

Salary packaging

Retirement planning

Superannuation advice

Wealth protection and insurance

Estate planning

We ensure you don’t outlive your money.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive long-term financial strategy designed with a complete understanding of your current financial position and your future objectives and goals. We will develop a wealth creation plan using a range of investment vehicles that will also take into consideration your short and medium term needs and aspirations. Our emphasis is on providing capital secure, income producing forms of investments that are less prone to volatility.
Salary packaging is an effective way of maximising your income and minimising your tax through Australian Tax Office-approved measures. By taking money out of your pre-tax salary – rather than your after-tax salary – you will be able to make considerable savings. Salary packaging applies to superannuation and a number of work-related products approved for specific industry sectors, such as teaching.
Retirement planning can start from any age. In fact, the earlier the better, because a well-structured and disciplined approach to organising your financial life will help you achieve your goals throughout your life. Campbell Financial will put together a well structured plan for you and work with you to keep it on track, regardless of changes in the economy and your own circumstances. Our goal is to create a secure financial position for you so that you can focus on your career, your family and your personal interests.
Superannuation can be one of the most important investments in your long term financial future. We can advise you on how to make the most of your superannuation investment by selecting the best superannuation strategy within a managed fund. This could involve advice on consolidating or rolling over your superannuation accounts, establishing regular superannuation contributions; and making the most of cost-effective insurance policies offered through superannuation schemes. The rules and opportunities available within the superannuation sector are changing rapidly, and our experts will ensure you are always in the best position to maximise the considerable benefits offered by superannuation.
As much as we want to maximise your wealth, we also want to protect your hard-earned savings. To help protect you and your family against the risks of illness, disability or death, we can design a well-structured wealth protection plan that ensures you are able to meet the ongoing needs of you and your family, as well as ensuring that you get the most appropriate and best value insurance products in the marketplace.
It is always hard to address the issue of death and its inevitable financial consequences, but we believe this is an essential element of your financial planning. To ensure you and your family members maximise the value of your estate, we have an association with a legal professional who can help design a will that gains the best-possible taxation treatment as well as making sure that your money and assets are inherited by the people you want to receive them. There are other areas of estate planning that they can help you with including superannuation policies, handling of business partnerships and trusts, and arranging a power of attorney. Estate planning can be a complex issue, but to have professional advice and a carefully designed plan can provide significant long-term benefits as well as all-important peace of mind to you and your family.