What people say about us

Just want to express my thanks with your thoroughness and patience as we continue us to ask questions and seek guidance. You and your team are always so willing to “go the extra”. It is greatly appreciated.

Cathy Gray, Teacher Catholic Education
I first met Phil Campbell in 1985 when he came into my staffroom to see another teacher. I took the opportunity to ask some questions about my superannuation and subsequently became a client. Signing up with Phil on that day in 1985 was the best financial decision I ever made. On Phil’s advice I took out a supplementary superannuation policy, which would complement my SSS pension on my retirement. At that time retirement was a long time in the future, but now that I am retired I am so thankful that I had the good fortune to have Phil, then Joel as my financial advisor. During the past 32 years that I have been a client, I have put my faith and trust in their experience, skills and knowledge and always followed their advice. As a result, I feel financially secure in my retirement. I have always felt valued and treated as more than just a client; Phil and Joel are also genuinely interested in me as a person. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Cathy Gray, Retired Teacher
Helpful service and very knowledgeable and pleasant.

Stephen Cassar
Thank you so much Amanda for all that Joel and yourself have done for me.

Vicki Jepson

I was fortunate in 1999 to have a member of our staff arrange for Phil Campbell to visit our school and, on the recommendation of friends, I arranged an interview. Signing up with Phil was the best financial decision I have made. Phil’s advice over the next few years regarding my superannuation and his encouragement to buy an investment property meant that, just 11 years later when my health began to interfere with my work, I was able to retire earlier than planned. I have appreciated Phil’s professionalism, his understanding of my financial needs, his ability to explain current situations and his handling of my financial matters that have led to a confident retirement. There has always been an honesty and transparency in our conversations regarding financial matters (the good and the bad) that I have appreciated. Phil has provided a personal service and regularly checked with me and guided throughout the retirement process. At that time particularly I appreciated someone who had such a thorough understanding of the state super system, its rules and processes. Phil continues to oversee my financial matters and I am kept cognizant of any needed changes, issues etc. I wish Phil and Joel well in their new venture and look forward, with confidence, to their continued advice and guidance in the years ahead.

Meg Milton, Retired Deputy Principal
Thanks Joel, thank you for all the work you do, stunning. One of the best things, no, THE BEST, Kerry did was introduce me to you and Campbell Financial Group.

Jennifer Lynch, Retired
My dealings with Joel Campbell have been excellent. I feel very confident in their management of my package.

Suzanne Gorman, Principal
I am extremely happy with the advice and assistance provided by Joel Campbell. Due to his excellent advice and support my flexible salary packaging arrangements have operated extremely smoothly and successfully.

I would like to express my satisfaction with Joel. He has always been pleasant, helpful and provided professional advice. I look forward to a continued association with Campbell Financial Group, through Joel, and feel very comfortable that he can ably assist me with my financial planning.

Margaret Charlton, Principal
I am extremely happy with the advice and assistance provided by Joel Campbell. Due to his excellent advice and support my flexible salary packaging My experiences with both Phil and Joel Campbell have always been friendly, efficient and very helpful – they have always been easy to contact and the office staff have made that contact easy.

Bruce Merrotsy, Teacher

I would like to thank you and Joel for your professionalism in dealing with my account. You are always prepared to answer questions and make the process clear. You both clearly care about the delivery of your services.

Karen Trstenjak

I thank you for your respectful and professional attitude, as well as your willingness and patience in explaining the finer details of investing to me. I have always appreciated your accessibility and the prompt manner in which you have responded to my concerns, as well as your very good interpersonal skills, that always made me feel valued. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.

Gale Lambert, Retired Deputy Principal
We have known and dealt with Phil Campbell for more years than we can remember and more lately Joel and the team at Campbell Financial.

Our situation involved seeking advice and support in managing a small property portfolio as well as management of our superannuation. Always willing to carefully listen to our ramblings and interpret our hopes, options and expectations Phil carefully and very professionally counselled and led us to better understand what we could do, when it was best to do it and what were the outcomes of taking one or another direction.

He had us well prepared for our retirement in January 2005. Following retirement from our teaching positions we both returned to the workforce. This presented a variety of different options for us to better secure our financial future. Phil so personally and professionally advised us and as a result we have maximised our situation and now enjoy security and a quality of life that we believe, without Phil’s support, would not have been realised.

Now we know that just a phone call away is the calm voice of advice and a receptive ear if we wish to explore issues further.

Thank you Phil.

John & Trish Eggleston, Retired Primary School Teachers
I am so impressed with your organisation and feel very secure entering retirement. Thank you for being so readily accessible.

Sally Conn, Retired Principal NSWDEC
Our sincere thanks for your advice and friendship.

Janet and Andrew Gray, Happily retired
I first met Phil Campbell at a Central Coast Primary Principals Council meeting in 2014 at which time Phil had a display of the financial services he had to offer. I was hesitant to speak to Phil that day as my husband and I had never had financial advice and I was quite embarrassed about it feeling that while we had a good life we had made no real provision for the future other than superannuation. I bit the bullet and told Phil our situation and he simply said “try me”. I discussed the chat with Phil with my husband and we thought we may as well see what Phil has to say. We had nothing to lose as the first consultation was free. Phil and Joel Campbell attended the first consultation with my husband and I. We went away feeling quite relieved with the feeling that retirement could be closer than we thought. We also felt under no pressure to undertake their services. It would be our choice.

Since that day Phil and Joel have organised our finances. They have provided good professional advice which we have at all times followed. This has allowed me to retire this year.

At our first consultation Phil likened his role to that of golf pro. A golf pro can advise and guide the golfer on all aspects of their game but at the end of the day the golfer chooses whether or not to take that advice. We chose to follow the advice and were more than happy to put our financial affairs in Phil and Joel’s capable hands.

We have found Phil and Joel to always be highly professional and up to date with the latest information from Government departments and the like providing us with advice specific to our situation and not to super funds and individual companies.

I have happily retired this year with total confidence for the future thanks to Phil and Joel Campbell.

Helen Dwyer, Retired Principal
We appreciate the time and care that you take to safeguard our “life savings”.

Graham and Wendy Doust, Retired Principal and Teacher
I have always been reluctant to approach a financial adviser as I haven’t had the knowledge and haven’t wanted to “take up too much of their time.” With Joel Campbell I have always found him extremely professional, knowledgeable and approachable with my many questions. I would just like it noted, at the director’s level, that I feel extremely comfortable accessing and planning my financial future through Joel Campbell and appreciate the time and effort he has taken in his job.

Mrs Deanie Nicholls, Principal
The smartest financial decision I ever made was to engage Phil Campbell to handle my financial affairs. I have been with Phil for over 17 years and have not regretted that association for one minute. His support, advice and regular reviews has placed me in a financial position of which I never thought possible.

I have found Phil’s advice to be timely, thoughtful and cautious. His knowledge of superannuation is second to none and his ability to digest constant legislative changes and to adapt strategies for his clients is amazing. I have the greatest confidence in both Phil and Joel Campbell. Bright men, who genuinely care for their clients.

Ray Hudswell JP
We have always received informative advice which has assisted us in making the right decisions. Joel has been particularly helpful and approachable in all our meetings and he has supplied further information to assist our daughter.

Ireena and Dennis Hardy, Retirees

When I first met Phil in the early 1990’s, I was a single mother of 4 young children teaching full time. I was at a stage in life where I knew I did not have enough superannuation to get me through to a comfortable old age.

Over the years Phil has encouraged and pushed me to increase my savings, and has regularly arranged meetings to make necessary changes to my plan. He has also given so much patient time to explain to me how the system works, so I am assured that I am making good decisions for my future.

I am now happily retired and able to look forward to a financially healthy future. I can plan trips, house repairs and family visits without worrying. For this I know I have a lot to thank Phil and Joel for.

Rosemary O’Neill, Retired Languages and ESL Teacher / Consultant
Since first meeting you in the early nineties, I have always been impressed by your honesty and the great interest you have always taken in my welfare as your client.

For ten years, you regularly gave me advice to assist me with future retirement plans. When I became a Principal, you continued to work with me regarding these plans. I continue to have confidence in you and your colleagues.

I have been happy to recommend you to others and have been pleased to have your company representative speak at staff meetings in schools where I have been Principal.

John Clegg, Retired Principal
Your experience, appropriately supported by the technology you brought to bear on the questions confronting us were instrumental in our sleeping well last night, confident that, so far as any of us is able to see into the future, the step we are taking will turn out for the best.

Ken and Leontine Barnett
I first met Phil at a Secondary Deputy Principals’ conference in 2001. I had been salary sacrificing a modest amount into additional superannuation. On Phil’s advice I increased this substantially. A few years from planned retirement Joel took over our portfolio under the watchful eye of Phil. I had a background in taxation but very little knowledge of the intricacies of legislation regarding superannuation. Their advice regarding the taxation implications was very sound.

As I approached retirement I had planned to take a full superannuation pension and rely on my second superannuation account to fund our retirement plans. Phil and Joel encouraged me to investigate different scenarios and options on my pension benefit. They then sat down with us to explain the options in a manner that considered our personal as well as financial needs. This is one of the aspects that impressed us the most. We receive sound financial advice which recognises other lifestyle choices.

Both Joel and Phil are very personable and it is great to catch up with them during our annual review meetings. At other times Joel responds quickly to any questions we may have. We are also able to monitor the performance of our superannuation accounts with around the clock online access. We feel that our funds are secure and worry free.

As a bonus Joel gives very useful travel advice. We thoroughly enjoyed our recent trip to Africa on his recommendation.

David Beeten, Retired Deputy Principal